Welcome To Versara Trade, The Next Generation Trade Finance Platform

No matter where your company is based, the challenges with starting a business, can feel insurmountable. According to the United States (US) Small Business Administration, in the United States, 20% of new businesses survive past their first year, in large part due to lack of capital to support operations. The international trade finance gap is estimated to be over $1.5 trillion USD, with 62% of this delta coming from the Asia Pacific region and the Americas. This gap impacts small-to-medium size businesses, an unacceptable reality in an era with so much opportunity and interconnectivity.

These staggering statistics feels dated, but unfortunately they are a reflection of our present international economy. In a time where there is a digital solution to everything from ordering a taxi, finding a job, or raising money for your honeymoon, we lack solutions that make it easier for small businesses to succeed. That is unacceptable. When it comes to financial tools, ones that specifically support emerging businesses and their access to capital we have not been able to figure out how to truly enable companies, and lenders to both get and create the support they need. We still rely on more traditional systems for loan offerings, many of which don’t fit the needs of the businesses in who need it most. Though the advent of financial solution platforms have made financial support more accessible, this persistent challenge is a systemic problem that requires a fix that simultaneously sidesteps, while also integrating, traditional solutions.

Enter Versara Trade, a trade finance platform bridging the gap with cryptocurrency credit enhancement. Versara is building a unique tool designed to support this very real issue plaguing entrepreneurs and small-to-medium sized businesses. By marrying crypto-assets and traditional fiat lenders, Versara puts power back into the hands of SMBs, while creating a better ecosystem, and economy for everyone.

How does Versara support the financial trade ecosystem?

● Sellers of goods, will have more efficient access to financing and lower costs than traditional factoring or ABL.

● Buyers of goods will receive token rewards for simply verifying invoices and other legal and financial documents, while simultaneously offering suppliers easy access to financing and the opportunity for better repayment terms.

● Crypto-guarantors, get the opportunity to diversify their investments as well as exposure to new assets.

● Traditional fiat lenders will have access to factoring or ABL market with additional credit collateral, therefore diversified credit risk, which in turn will lower the risk of loss.

By marrying cryptocurrencies and the traditional lending process, Versara enables entrepreneurs and small businesses to flourish in a way that has literally not existed before. Whether through, low operating costs, better access to credit, diversified risks, all parties involved in the Versara solution have the opportunity to benefit from this next generation platform.

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