Versara Group Airdrop Summary--August 18th

Dear Versara Airdrop Participants,


Versara Group launched the Airdrop on June 16th 2018. Here’s a recap of the Airdrop information and rules for your reference:

You can earn free VXR tokens by completing simple tasks such as joining our Telegram group and referring your friends, and following us on Reddit and Twitter.

Distribution: 1.500.000 VXR tokens will be airdropped after pre-token sale is completed. This airdrop will reward the first 15,000 participants. The average amount for each member is 100 VXR tokens, but each member will get at least 80 VXR, so the earlier you join, the more you'll earn!


·          Please complete all required steps to receive VXR tokens. Please notice that the Versara admin team will verify all participation.

·          You have to be an active member in our social channels (Telegram, Reddit, Twitter). An “Active Member” means anyone that has joined our Telegram group and followed us on Reddit and Twitter, and must remain a member/follower until the closing of the pre-token sale.

We received a great amount of responses and continued support from all participants for this round of Airdrop. We would like to thank everyone who got the chance to participate!

On August 15th EST, we started to distribute VXR tokens to the first 5000 participants, most of whom have received the tokens. For those of you who participated early but have not received the tokens yet, your VXR tokens are on the way. Please be patient and stay tuned. There has been some delay due to ETH technical capacity, but hopefully you will get your tokens soon.

While letting the first batch of transactions go through, we will continue our distribution to the next 5000 participants on August 16th EST. So far, 7500 participants in total should have received the airdrop tokens, and the rest could expect to receive in the next few days.

We are trying our best to release airdrop tokens to every participant, in a proper and orderly manner. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Please follow us for future opportunities and project updates!









The Versara Group Team

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