Versara Trade Platform

Versara Trade is the first invest product of Versara Group. This is an introduction article about the participants of Versara Trade platform participants.

Versara Trade platform has four categories of participants:


Sellers of goods will only deal with fiat currencies. They accept fiat currency as funding against invoice receivables. Their loan funding will be a portion (up to 95%) of their entire invoice receivable. The invoice payment from the debtor (the buyers of goods) will first be sent to fiat lenders on the platform to cover principal and interest against their credit. The remainder of the payment will be converted to Versara Token (VXR) and distributed automatically to crypto-guarantors as fees for their services and added to the global cross-collateralization pool to provide additional credit protection. This cryptoconversion will occur on the back-end of the platform and will be hidden from sellers / borrowers.


Buyers of goods and freight forwarders will be rewarded with VXR for verifying invoice authenticity and providing proof of shipment.


Crypto-guarantors will collateralize asset pools various cryptocurrencies (various types are accepted on the platform). They will contribute to pools, collateralizing them on an aggregate basis by up to 20% of the total loan amount, and will be rewarded with VXR for the credit protection they offer if sufficient funds remain in the asset pool in which their initial crypto collateral was placed. Crypto guarantors will only deal with cryptocurrencies.


Fiat lenders are expected to be primarily traditional financial institutions or crowdlending platforms and will only deal with fiat currencies. In the event of a default, their loss will be covered in fiat currency converted from cryptocurrencies provided by crypto-guarantors.

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